PlowMaster WTL

The PlowMaster is a deep loosener for ideal and easy soil cultivation.

The subsoiler was developed to optimally loosen and break up the compacted zones, i.e. plow soles, so that the water and nutrients can be better absorbed into the soil.

The subsoiler aerates the soil without turning it.

The soil is loosened up to 65 cm deep and therefore optimally ventilated (no turning of the soil!)

– The maximum water storage capacity is increased and the plant cover is protected.

– Plants can absorb nutrients better and remain healthy and productive.

– Loosening activates the roots, which can finally grow properly again.

– Compactions in the soil are broken up and waterlogging is prevented by deep loosening.

– Right- and left-curved tines made of special hardened steel, possible with shear protection or hydraulic stone release – these can be adjusted individually.


Plow Master WTLWorking width, mTransport width, mNumber of tinesAppr. Weight, kgfrom kW / PS
WTL 250/22,50 m2,50 m2380 kg65 / 90
WTL 250/42,50 m2,50 m4480 kg80 / 110
WTL 300/43,00 m3,00 m4690 kg80 / 110
WTL 300/63,00 m3,00 m6950 kg90 / 120
WSL 300/7
(small PlowMaster)
3,00 m3,00 m7670 kg70 / 100
WTL - V 300/6
3,00 m3,00 m61080 kg90 / 120
WTL - G 300/4
(Grassland subsoiler)
3,00 m3,00 m41290 kg120 / 163
WTL 400/8
(rigid version*)
4,00 m4,00 m81190 kg120 / 163
WTL 450/8
(hydraulically foldable)
4,50 m3,00 m82400 kg140 / 190

* rigid version – not allowed for road traffic;

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