Thanks to its robust and compact design, the Rollcrust-Master offers the optimal conditions for weed control and the removal of sludge (breaking incrustations). Furthermore, the WRM Master can also be used for soil aeration and regulation of the water balance.

By breaking the soil crust, mineralization ensures that vital elements such as nitrate are absorbed by crops.


With the Rollcrust Master you can work across the entire surface and row- independently in such cultures as:

• corn
• beets
• potatoes
• soy
• rapeseed
• sunflowers
• peas
• all types of grain.

With the 6 m rotary hoe, which includes 68 individually spring-loaded 544Ø cast iron stars with arms, the earth’s crust is broken up. Thanks to the slightly tangential paddling shape, the broken earth is thrown into the air, regardless of the row.

Individual rotary hoe stars can be lifted to avoid damaging the row of fruit.

Since the grass is lighter than the earth, the grass falls to the ground more slowly than the earth and so the grass remainson top, where it then dries up. During the decomposition of dead plant parts (humification) and the breakdown of humus (mineralization), ammonium is first released and converted into nitrate.

Go for Rollcrust – Master

  • Working speed of 3 -25km/h
  • With a tractor power of 85 hp you can easily use a hoe up to 6 meters wide.
  • Max. working depth up to 4cm
  • Optionally with support wheels

Regardless of whether you run a conventional or organic farm, the rotary hoe offers an environmentally friendly solution for weed control that delivers excellent results compared to traditional spray methods.

Rollcrust-Master WRM3006009001200
Working width, m3,0 m6,05 m9,08 m12 m
Assembled width, m3,0 m2,7 m2,95 m2,95 m
Transport height, m1,0 m3,0 m3,50 m3,60 m
Number of wheels3468102136
Distance between wheels, mm88 mm88 mm88 mm88 mm
Required power, kW406090130
Weight, kg750 kg1450 kg2400 kg3150 kg
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