All units with 3-point attachmentWorking WidthNumber of teeth of the 5-row unitApproximate weight in kgPower required depends on the site
One-piece unit3,00 m25~ 700from 60 PS / 44 kW
Hydraulically folds in 2 times6,00 m50~ 1800from 120 HP / 88 kW
Hydraulically folds in 2 times7,20 m60~ 2000from 160 HP / 118 kW
Hydraulically folds in 3 times9,00 m75~ 2400from 210 HP / 155 kW
Hydraulically folds in 5 times12,60 m105~ 3000from 300 HP / 220 kW
  • Load center close to the tractor, stable square frame.
  • The harrow fields are not welded to the main frame but flanged.
  • The teeth are made of 16 mm spring steel with a total teeth length of 84 cm.
  • Hydraulic teeth angle adjustment – from simple sliding to deep plunging.
  • Protective bushings on the threaded connections of the studs.
  • Lubrication nipples on fasteners and joints
  • Locking safety catch and more.

Additional options:

  • Illuminators with warning signs.
  • Can be retrofitted with a field cutting with a bridge between the main frame and the harrow body.
  • Cutting disks as teeth attachments
  • Teeth guard for road travel
  • Leveling bar
  • Removable seed tank for sowing

We would be happy to inform and advise you about the various possibilities of using our harrow.


“Harrow Scratcher” cutting disks as teeth attachments – better cutting effect, e.g. for seedbed preparation in spring.

“Harrow Disc”

Additional option: “Harrow Carrier”, for shallow scouring as an attachment to the harrow teeth – the teeth can be adjusted from deep plunging to light scouring.

Standard with check valves on double-locking hydraulic cylinders. Optional protective cover for the teeth when driving on public roads.

…also available with a Wallner harrow/knife roller.

Optional pneumatic spreader

  • different structures are available;
  • for sowing intercrops or reseeding pastures.

Blade roller harrow as an alternative to a mulcher

Many farmers use mulchers to chop rape stalks. The advantage of the mulcher is, of course, good shredding, but the mulcher also requires a lot of power at a low output per area. Alternatively, a 9-meter harrow with a knife roller can be used on a 300 hp tractor with a speed of 15 to 18 km/h, increasing the area output by up to 3 times and with less wear and tear.


Used for seedbed preparation

  • Only superficial, tangential tilling of the soil surface.
  • Does not loosen moist soil, unlike cultivators or disk harrows.
  • High moisture saving due to very shallow soil tillage.

It is also possible to spread fertilizer or manure during tillage.

Harrow for meadows

For use in meadows, leveling bars are installed on the first and third rows.
With the pneumatic spreader it is possible to sow pastures or fields with intermediate crops.

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